Business Analytics

Understand Your Business With Custom Analytics and Dashboards


With businesses using so many different apps, and each one potentially having it’s own reports, business owners and staff can get overwhelmed in data.

MooMu helps your business to sort through the information so that the right KPIs are seen by the right people.

We build custom dashboards to suit your business needs so you can log into one screen and see the information you need.

Different staff have different requirements and data permissions – let us create dashboards relevant to their needs to save time in going between different apps.

We have experience in creating dashboard applications for the manufacturing, finance, real estate & retail sectors.


Design The Solution


Build Widgets


Team Implementation

Analytics Dashboards

From one screen you can see what is important to your role in a business.  Need to know inventory or sales data – have that displayed in realtime on a dashboard.

We work with your teeam to develop the dashboard requirements and to remove data that is not necessary.


Our Process


Step 1

Identify Business Requirements

Step 2

Develop Business Processes Experiments

Step 3

Create Minimum Viable Product

Step 4

Review Findings & Further Tests


Step 5

Development of System

Have a concept for a new product but don't have the time to build it?

Let MooMu create your MVP