Business Automation

We create Business Automations that let you focus on doing what you do best


As experts in Business Process Automation, we know how to save you time, frustration and money to choose the best methods to apply your business processes. 

Automation does not need to be expensive.  There is often off-the-shelf products we can recommend and configure to achieve your goals.  MooMu helps you to identify these or to develop your own inhouse automations.

We have experience in automating workflows in manufacturing, finance, real estate & retail sectors.


Save Time


Reduce Mistakes

Decrease Costs

Automate Your Business Processes

An Automation is a sequence of events that execute your business processes.

Do you have tasks in your business that are repetitive?  Do some of your staff hold valuable business knowledge that would negatively impact your business if they left?

Before you go and hire more staff, think about whether you can automate some processes.  This can:

  • Reduce the need for data input
  • Stop mistakes from happening
  • Free up staff time to achieve business goals rather than menial tasks

Our Process


Step 1

Identify Business Requirements

Step 2

Develop Business Processes Experiments

Step 3

Create Minimum Viable Product

Step 4

Review Findings & Further Tests


Step 5

Development of System

Have a concept for a new product but don't have the time to build it?

Let MooMu create your MVP