Business Processes

Identifying and mapping out how your business operates 


We help you understand how your business operates by creating processes and workflows.

These become the very heart of how your business opetates and the greater your understanding of what makes them up and the various impacts they can have, the better you will manage your business.

We have experience in creating and mapping workflows in manufacturing, finance, real estate & retail sectors.


Talk to Workers


Plan with Managers


Observe your Business

Business Processes

You and your staff are likely following a lot of processes in carrying out your roles without realising it.

Do some of your staff hold valuable business knowledge that would negatively impact your business if they left?

Mapping out and formalising your business processes can make your business operate more efficiently.

It allows new staff to join and you can be confident that they will deliver their job requirements as expected.

Creating robust business processes also allows you to identify opportunities for automation

Our Process


Step 1

Identify Business Requirements

Step 2

Develop Business Processes Experiments

Step 3

Create Minimum Viable Product

Step 4

Review Findings & Further Tests


Step 5

Development of System

Have a concept for a new product but don't have the time to build it?

Let MooMu create your MVP