App Development

Optimise Your Business With Custom Software


We build custom applications to suit your business needs.  Can’t find an off-the-shelf solution?  Let us build what you need.

Create automations that can talk to the different software packages your business uses.

Whether it is a standalone app, a intranet, a custom workflow let MooMu take you through the right solutions to meet your goals and buget.

We have experience in creating software applications for the manufacturing, finance, real estate & retail sectors.


Design The Solution


Project Management


Software Development

App Development

You and your staff are likely following a lot of processes in carrying out your roles without realising it.

Let us build apps that will make your business run smoothly.

MooMu is full-stack development agency.  We take care of:

  • Technical Planning – ensuring we meet the project scope, budget and schedule
  • Customer Experience – we use analytics to ensure that your users will have the best experience
  • Maintenance – we will maintain the app post going live.  We can manage the hosting on AWS or similar platforms
  • Support – businesses change and so can your software requirements.  We can adapt, change or refresh the app to support your requirements

 Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Sometimes it can pay to start with a simplified version of your product to help test out theories on how it can help improve your business without going all in.  We can spec out and build you a MVP so save you time and money.

Our Process


Step 1

Identify Business Requirements

Step 2

Develop Business Processes Experiments

Step 3

Create Minimum Viable Product

Step 4

Review Findings & Further Tests


Step 5

Development of System

Have a concept for a new product but don't have the time to build it?

Let MooMu create your MVP